This is me!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

I like when my dad has a catch with me. I like when my dad tries to hit me in the pool with a ball. I like to swim with my dad. My Dad is awesome because he plays a lot of fun stuff that I want to do with me. My Dad likes to do yardwork. My Dad likes to watch the construction channel. My Dad likes to go outside and play jackpot. My Dad is the best Dad in the world.

The Pancake Special

About 1 week ago, I created a new pancake sandwich for Kim's Kafe. And that sandwich was called Braedon's pancake special which is made of pancake as the bread, and then in the middle it is sausage, egg and melted cheese. And underneath the pancake has syrup on the bottom of both pancakes. My mom says it's kind of like a McGriddle from McDonald's or a pancake Sizzli from Wawa.

I have been going to Kim's Kafe for 7 years and I have had food that is delicious but Braedon's pancake special is the best I have ever tasted. In speaking of being there for a long time, when I was little, I was the most popular kid there!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Flipping out

Today at the pool I did a flip. And when I did that flip, my Dad videotaped it so that I could prove that I did a flip off the diving board. The second to last time I did it, I almost hit my head on the diving board and broke my head. I did 5 flips. I learned how to do flips yesterday. Today the last flip I did, I hurt my back very badly. My back turned red. Check out my video to see if I actually did a flip.

Snapper Turtle

We were driving to North Star. That is where I go to school. And on the way there my Mom said, "look, look there is a turtle in our neighborhood!" She stopped the car, and we all stepped out and got a look at the turtle. Mom took a picture of it. It was as big as my Mom's rim on her tires. We saw it one day and tomorrow it was there - she was laying her eggs. It was a snapper turtle. We touched it's shell on the first day it was so dirty because it lived in a river close by to the spot it was.


1. When we eat sushi for dinner, or lunch
2. When I don't have to go to bed early
3. When I spend time with my family/snuggle with my mom
4. Creating blogs
5. Swimming at Yorklyn pool
6. Playing Learn to Fly on the computer
7. Playing baseball - I love playing baseball!
8. Going to sports camp at HAC

The Day I Was Born

When I was born, I had a huge head. It could not fit through my Mom's body, so they had to cut a hole in my Mom's stomach and before that when they tried to put it through my Mom's body, my head got squished. And when they finally got out, I did not breath at all. So they put a tube down my throat and used a bag that was filled with air and squeezed it so that air would get into my body. When I finally started breathing, my Mom was relieved. This happened on april 2nd 2003.