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Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last Day Before 2nd Grade

Today we went to the Delaware Children's Museum. I built a structure that looked like a wooden cabin. There was a maze that was a semi-circle and made of metal cables and wood and carpet. At first, I did not want to go, but then it turned out to be REALLY fun because you could send a little message through a tube and someone could send it back with something in it. And there was a water room and faucets that came out and then when you turn them off the water goes back into a cloud and it starts raining. I had lots of fun there. I wanted to buy a robot hand that when you pulled the trigger the hand closed. And my mom would not let me get it. We also went to the zoo where we saw a bobcat, river otters, goats, llamas and a giant porcupine and an ostrich. And then we went to the river and climbed on the rocks and fed geese. And then we went home. Now I'm watching television, resting in my den. I am looking forward to going to school tomorrow because I want to meet all the people I did not meet before.