This is me!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas is wonderful

I walked downstairs to see if Santa had come our stockings were full of small gifts. In the stocking there was less than usual usually there are about 20, today there was only 10,I didn't care because there was quite a few presents under the Christmas tree. The first gift I opened told me he had also bought me an Xbox 360 because the gift I opened was an Xbox game! I looked for a box that could have an Xbox inside it.i choose a big box and opened it and it was an Xbox. We saw a note in the Christmas tree it said "dear braedon, I got you a gift that was too big to fit down the chimney so I put it on the patio. Love Santa." I walked out and looked out and didn't see anything, then I looked to the left and saw a huge bike! My sister got an iPod touch, and my mom got an iPad. That's all I have to tell you and until next Christmas "HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS" see ya!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

dash's injury

Today Dash got out under the fence. that day I also had my friend over to spend the night. Well anyway dash went to our neighbors house. Then when we caught up to him I went up to him and he just ran away again. then he went over to our other neighbors house. then Roger and Dash started sniffing each other. I don't think Roger liked what he smelled because next thing you know...
Roger starts attacking Dash! After my dad broke the two up Dash had three wounds all of them on his right arm. We had to take him to the vet to get him all stitched up. When he was done with his stitches we took him home. When my sister saw Dash she started to cry because she didn't like to see dash hurt. Well that's how dash got injured.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bark Park

Today I went to Bark Park. Bark Park is a dog park, which is where a dog plays in water or goes in the field and plays with other dogs. Today at Bark Park, we were back and forth with Dewey in the water and in the field. Dewey is my dog. He is named after a BEACH! This was the third time we took him and he's getting better at swimming. Even though he is a Golden Retriever, he doesn't really love to swim yet. But my mom says the more we take him, the more he might like the water. Dewey is almost 5 years old. Dewey is very big for his age and right now he is sitting right in front of us sleeping. He is kind of wet and a little stinky.

On the way to the dog park in the car, I was trying to rearrange the seats on the car so that Dewey could stick his head out the window and when I was trying to put the seat up, I accidentally drop the seat on his foot. His foot got stuck and he was whining because it hurt. My mom jumped in the back and helped get his foot unstuck. I felt not so good because I would never hurt an animal. He was fine when we got to the park and was running all over the place.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last Day Before 2nd Grade

Today we went to the Delaware Children's Museum. I built a structure that looked like a wooden cabin. There was a maze that was a semi-circle and made of metal cables and wood and carpet. At first, I did not want to go, but then it turned out to be REALLY fun because you could send a little message through a tube and someone could send it back with something in it. And there was a water room and faucets that came out and then when you turn them off the water goes back into a cloud and it starts raining. I had lots of fun there. I wanted to buy a robot hand that when you pulled the trigger the hand closed. And my mom would not let me get it. We also went to the zoo where we saw a bobcat, river otters, goats, llamas and a giant porcupine and an ostrich. And then we went to the river and climbed on the rocks and fed geese. And then we went home. Now I'm watching television, resting in my den. I am looking forward to going to school tomorrow because I want to meet all the people I did not meet before.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Friends at School by Elliana Scherer

Abby, Avery, McKenna, Drew, Garrett, Maddie, Nathan, Jackson, Max, Nora, Megan. They're really nice. I love them. They are my best friends ever. I don't know how I could ever play with them again. But since they're my best friends ever, maybe I could play with them today! And sometimes they be really nice to me. Oh I forgot one more name - Erin. See ya later!

Editorial: This was written by my little sister who is 5. Not me!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

I like when my dad has a catch with me. I like when my dad tries to hit me in the pool with a ball. I like to swim with my dad. My Dad is awesome because he plays a lot of fun stuff that I want to do with me. My Dad likes to do yardwork. My Dad likes to watch the construction channel. My Dad likes to go outside and play jackpot. My Dad is the best Dad in the world.

The Pancake Special

About 1 week ago, I created a new pancake sandwich for Kim's Kafe. And that sandwich was called Braedon's pancake special which is made of pancake as the bread, and then in the middle it is sausage, egg and melted cheese. And underneath the pancake has syrup on the bottom of both pancakes. My mom says it's kind of like a McGriddle from McDonald's or a pancake Sizzli from Wawa.

I have been going to Kim's Kafe for 7 years and I have had food that is delicious but Braedon's pancake special is the best I have ever tasted. In speaking of being there for a long time, when I was little, I was the most popular kid there!