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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bark Park

Today I went to Bark Park. Bark Park is a dog park, which is where a dog plays in water or goes in the field and plays with other dogs. Today at Bark Park, we were back and forth with Dewey in the water and in the field. Dewey is my dog. He is named after a BEACH! This was the third time we took him and he's getting better at swimming. Even though he is a Golden Retriever, he doesn't really love to swim yet. But my mom says the more we take him, the more he might like the water. Dewey is almost 5 years old. Dewey is very big for his age and right now he is sitting right in front of us sleeping. He is kind of wet and a little stinky.

On the way to the dog park in the car, I was trying to rearrange the seats on the car so that Dewey could stick his head out the window and when I was trying to put the seat up, I accidentally drop the seat on his foot. His foot got stuck and he was whining because it hurt. My mom jumped in the back and helped get his foot unstuck. I felt not so good because I would never hurt an animal. He was fine when we got to the park and was running all over the place.